Cushion Systems

Air Cushion

The Air cushion system 4.0

Floeter introduces the next generation of air cushion machine: the AirWave 1, quick, quiet, connected to Bluetooth, modular and cost-efficient. Light at only 5.6kg, the AirWave 1 delivers powerful performance. It supplies up to 4 workstations with reliable air cushions – made in Germany. It is programmable and can be seamlessly integrated into Floeter’s system technology. Whether small cushions or wide pads, the AirWave 1 is a top performer in all categories. The intelligent system features “one-key” technology with a patented outstanding design.

Flexible and modulary expandable

  • Modern, premium design
  • New ergonomic program functions
  • Lock function
  • One-key technology
  • 4 program locations
  • Programmable power-save mode
  • 5.6 kg weight
  • CE and RoHS approved
  • 8-10 m/min. output
  • Extremely quite ≤ 60 dB
  • Universal power supply 110-240 volts
  • Free Bluetooth control, optional
  • Film 12-30 micron


Paper Cushion

Paper Plus – Prefold Kraft paper pack for the cushioning system

Equipment size, weight, and footprint are less than that of popular competitor systems (about half the size or even smaller in comparison), while pad size generated is standard industrial size, with no trade off in packaging protection and performance.

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