BDS Maschinen

ZI-TEC Thailand has strengthened its competence as a leading supplier for metal working tools and equipment by introducing Magnetic Drilling Machines from BDS Maschinen, Made in Germany.

BDS Maschinen GmbH is a manufacturer of premium class Magnetic Drilling Machines, Annular Cutters and Plate Beveling Machines. With all products made in Germany, BDS is the worlds' leading manufacturer and has a range of more than 21 types of magnetic drill presses dedicated to core drilling, twist drilling, tapping, reaming and countersinking.

Specialized machines and tools including world strongest magnetic drilling machines, one of its kind beveled machine plate, rail drilling machines and much more are ready to serve Thai market.

This collaboration with BDS Maschinen underlines the core vision of ZI-TEC – offering world class industrial solutions to our customers and helping our suppliers reach new markets in the region.

For more information contact us or visit BDS Maschinen here: